The Work of the Holy Spirit

I decided to read through What the Bible Teaches, by R.A. Torrey again. It’s a great book – you can download a free PDF here – so we’re doing a little Bible study every Thursday. The collection is here. Subscribe over there to make sure you don’t miss anything! >>>

I think a lot of the confusion about the Holy Spirit centers around uncertainty about His role. What does He do? This chapter is so necessary.

John is hosting the conversation this week. A quick snippet, from my favorite part of the Holy Spirit’s work,  for you:

It is the work of the Holy Spirit that convicts man of sin. It is by His power that men are awakened and their eyes are opened to the truth of the Gospel.

I’m in student ministry, and I can’t tell you how many times I remind myself of this truth. It’s our job to share the gospel and love people, but it’s not our job to convict people of their sin. That’s His job.

Head over to John’s place and jump in!

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