The Future Destiny of Those Who Reject Jesus

I decided to read through What the Bible Teaches, by R.A. Torrey again. It’s a great book – you can download a free PDF here – so we’re doing a little Bible study every Thursday. The collection is here. Subscribe over there to make sure you don’t miss anything! >>>

This is such a not-happy-feeling chapter, but it’s so crucial at the same time.

John is hosting the conversation this week, and I’m glad it’s him and not me. 🙂 He rightly starts by commenting,

“This is a subject most offensive and appalling to the unbeliever, to believe in such a thing in the 21st century.”

No one likes to talk about this, but, as Torrey emphasizes as well, it HAS to be talked about. It’s an uncomfortable topic but an even more uncomfortable reality. Jump in the conversation here.

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